Our design team has over 30 years of experience to call on. We know the importance of getting your message across, rather than showcasing our own talents. We strongly believe that design, unlike art, should complement and enhance our customer's vision, rather than obscure it with virtuosity.


Lola Print are predominantly an Adobe design house, and the benefit to our customers is the use of industry-standard software to create (and if necessary exchange with third parties) artwork at all stages of the creative process. We are happy to undertake commissions for part of the work - eg a logo or final layout -  or for complete jobs, from initial brief to final delivery.


From single party invitations to complex corporate brochures, we are your team.


Have a funky idea but don't know how to make it print-ready?


Talk to us. We (with few exceptions) do not rely on standard templates and are happy to think way outside the box.


We never charge for an initial enquiry, nor do we assume there is an obligation. We prefer to offer fixed-price or not-to-exceed estimates, because as the subject matter experts it should be our problem to price the effort correctly, not our customers'!


Sometimes, we can design something in a few minutes- please remember it has taken over 30 years to learn how to design it in a few minutes.


Unlike a few other design houses, we NEVER claim copyright over work created for our clients. If you have paid your invoice, it's yours.


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