Managing Director

Anna Croucher

Managing Director

Leaps over tall buildings and spins many plates at the same time.


Also saves little puppies.

Design Director

Tony da Franca

His bark is worse than his bite, but his bite is pretty bad...


Mention Times New Roman at your peril.

Office Manager

Sue Foster

Keeping the place running smoothly, she is a legend (without being a myth, which would be unfair!).


Open to bribery by chocolate.


Stewart Syckelmoore

Where is the KABOOM? There ought to have been an enormous KABOOM... from my lludium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator

Apprentice Wizard

Luke "Skywalker" Hickman

Managing Director

Learned much, you have. Jedi not yet, you are

How did we get the name Lola? 

Contrary to some suggestions, it has nothing to do with the novel by Vladimir Nabokov.

The founder of the business is a motor racing fan, and a follower of Lola Cars (now sadly defunct - the racing car team, not our founder).


He was given permission to use the name "Lola" in tribute, on condition that we had nothing to do

with motor racing.


True to our word, the only visible connection is our chequered flag motif.

Registered Address

The Shrubbery

14, Church Street



RG28 7AV

Trading Address

Unit 4, Minerva House

Calleva Park




Lola Print Services Ltd is registered in England Wales, No. 04285881


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