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Lightweight Framed Canvases

We are now offering a line of lightweight canvas frames, much lighter than those achieved with wooden stretcher bars yet sturdy and finished to a high quality level. Ideal for posting! They include a sealed back and come ready to hang. The canvases are (unless you request otherwise) always varnished with a UV protective coating,

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Black & White is so yesterday!

Why not think in terms of White on Black? Particularly suitable for high-contrast images, white toner also works very well on other coloured paper. Add an unusual touch of class to greeting cards, menus, etc. Both images printed on a black 120gsm slightly textured paper using only white – it can of course work in

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Press Release

Lola Print partners with Ricoh by investing in multiple digital technologies to strengthen their customer focus London, September 8, 2015 – Lola Print have partnered with Ricoh by overhauling its digital press technology with two new options, namely the Ricoh Pro™ C7100 and C5100, that both counter the increasing challenge of rapid turnaround work and

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What every teenager wants!

What better way to personalize you child’s bedroom than to use a mural with their favourite image on it? This one was designed as a birthday present for a 13-year old boy. Delighted child, and Brownie Points for the dad. This particular mural was supplied in five strips of ready-pasted wallpaper (so no mucking about

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Busy Canvas Production

Tired of shop-bought prints? Do you have a photograph you would like to immortalise? A box-framed canvas makes a stylish and individual addition to any wall. Our canvases are printed on a 12-ink fade resistant pigment system, and protected further with a UV-protective varnish, so they will remain vibrant for many years regardless of the

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